Layla Al-Saud
Tech Entrepreneur
Layla Al-Saud is a pioneering tech entrepreneur known for co-founding a successful e-commerce platform that revolutionized online shopping in Saudi Arabia.
Ahmed Farhan
Humanitarian Activist
Ahmed Farhan is a dedicated humanitarian activist who has worked tirelessly to provide aid and support to marginalized communities across the country.
Noura Abdullah
Acclaimed Writer
Noura Abdullah is an acclaimed Saudi writer whose novels have captivated readers with their rich storytelling and exploration of societal themes.
Yousef Khan
Environmental Advocate
Yousef Khan is a passionate environmental advocate who has been instrumental in promoting sustainable practices and raising awareness about climate change.
Sara Al-Mansour
Art Curator
Sara Al-Mansour is a visionary art curator who has curated numerous exhibitions that showcase the diverse talent of Saudi artists on a global stage.
Faisal Ahmed
Social Innovator
Faisal Ahmed is a social innovator who has pioneered projects that address pressing societal challenges, such as education inequality and poverty.
Razan Al-Dosari
Human Rights Activist
Razan Al-Dosari is a fearless human rights activist who has dedicated her life to advocating for justice, freedom, and equality for all.
Ali Hassan
Film Director
Ali Hassan is an award-winning film director who has gained international recognition for his thought-provoking and visually stunning films.
Amina Khalid
Medical Innovator
Amina Khalid is a medical innovator who has contributed to the development of groundbreaking medical technologies that have saved countless lives.
Abdullah Salem
Space Scientist
Abdullah Salem is a respected space scientist who has played a pivotal role in Saudi Arabia's advancements in space exploration and research.